voice & video solutions

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Comways helps businesses to design and implement independent contact center solutions based on CTI technology (Computer Telephony Integration) and web collaboration.

We help you to deliver an excellent customer experience that increases new customers recruitment, improves customer loyalty and helps achieving key business goals.

Comways gained vast experience in working closely with large organizations and in making their contact center more advanced and more efficient.

In the marketplace, there are a lot of excellent consultants and firms who have deep understanding of technologies but much less who know how to integrate and optimize those technologies to perfectly match your global business objectives.

Our multiple solutions which we built and designed over the years, support all type of contact center operations: Service and Information centers, Help-Desk, Collection, Telemarketing, Survey Centers, Ordering and the combination of those.

Interactive Voice Response – (IVR)

Our delivery is much beyond the traditional touch-tone IVR. comways helps businesses to design and implement vocal interactions and voice portal solutions based on IVR, Visual-IVR and Speech technologies. Voice Portal enables businesses to provide cost-effective customer interactions 24×7 in self-service mode. We also incorporate speech technology to make the dialogue with the customer more intuitive and more efficient.

Extending the capacity of businesses to answer callers’ enquiries through self-service alternatives becomes essential and now it is at your hand reach. We do it while focusing on the overall customer experience and with seamless transition to human agent support to complete valuable interactions and/or avoid caller frustrations.

We also provide solutions based on Voice-Biometrics to facilitate access to the service by automation of the caller verification while maximizing the organization’s security and the callers’ privacy.

For seasonal high volumes or special promotions, your internal solution may be supported by the available capacity of our cloud platform . This guarantees you maximum ROI and response time to support your dynamic business needs.

Web RTC - Real Time Communication

More and more people rely on texts, mobile messengers, and video-calling applications to communicate, and so should your contact center. Video calls put a face to the name, so to speak, enabling agents and customers to build trust and receive feedback fast. Even real-time chats cannot match the quality of face-to-face conversation. Video calls come close. Video calling benefits to your business are:

Build trust faster and receive personal feedback
Enable human touch in such applications as elderly care or high-end customer support

Help sales representatives to select the winning approach by seeing who they are talking to, and how they react

Handle exceptions in any self-service POS terminal or ATM transaction remotely


Comways already deployed Video Contact Center focusing on service to deaf persons as well as an imbedded solution into information kiosks for a public transport customer and for vending machines.