August 24, 2019

The Future of Customer Experience: 4 Key Imperatives for Success

Extracts from Frost & Sullivan Analyst Perspective by Alpa Shah, Global Vice President, Information & Communications Technology:
“The Future of Customer Experience: 4 Key Imperatives for Success”

1.Augment the Use of Technology

The article recommends engaging in digital transformation in these primary avenues:

a.Artificial Intelligence

  • compare/contrast massive amounts of information
  • continually learn from new data (machine learning)
  • recognize patterns
  • analyze & predict future outcomes
  • tailor better service

b.Speech Analytics

  • check compliance
  • decrease onboarding costs
  • ease agent stress
  • extract positive data – not just negative feedback – to learn what is done right


  • provide augmented customer experience with advanced self-service
  • eliminate language barriers
  • reduce operational cost
  • improve agent production
  • create up/cross-selling
  • a must: transfer to agent immediately when needed

2.Happy Agent = Happy customer

Creating an environment where agents feel empowered, enthusiastic, and engaged is crucial for the adoption of new technologies:

a.Agent Motivation

  • enable short-term wins and rewards
  • give employees a sense of purpose and ownership of projects
  • support employees through and after the digital transformation to ensure usage and acceptance

b.Culture of Digital Transformation & Innovation

  • ensure that everyone has the same goals for the digital transformation
  • create a culture of innovation and empowerment
  • let employees embrace change, so they can feel comfortable trying new approaches and embrace new solutions
  • establish lessons learned processes to check that a new technology implemented actually results in improved performance

c.Diversity of the Executives

  • focus on the diversity of especially the management level
  • executive staff must be receptive to different ideas
  • let new ideas emerge freely

3.Build Solutions Based on Customer Experience

There are many questions that must be answered before jumping to the digital transformation phase:

a.Your customers

  • look at the business in the eye of your customers
  • live a day in the life of a customer to gain a full perspective on their engagement with your company
  • customize the experience – some people like automation, other people are only comfortable speaking with a live person
  • are your customers ready for change? will they be receptive to new technologies?

b.Your Employees, Your Industry, Your Processes

  • in specific industries, like healthcare or insurance, videoconferencing, as an example, is an effective means of communications
  • are your employees capable of handling multiple contacts at one time?
  • do you have the processes in place to handle a much larger volume of customers?
  • are you able to hire the talent needed to support new technologies?

4.Start Small

  • take small steps when embracing and investing in new technology
  • start with a small group or one department
  • select champions who have bought into the technology and will use it avidly
  • ensure that company leaders understand that implementing and succeeding with new technology and approaches is difficult
  • failures are inevitable on the path to success
  • trial and error approach – pilots should be part of the business plan
  • find the right mix of technologies that will support your growth
  • reduce the risk of failure by critical thinking & brainstorming with others to avoid the blind spots