Powered by leading cloud platforms

Powered by leading cloud platforms


Multinational corporation, pioneer in the speech and imaging applications. Nuance focus is on server & embedded speech recognition products, telephone call steering systems, automated telephone directory services, desktop imaging software, etc.

Salesforce is a global leader of CRM solution that help organizations deliver world-class service. Its Service Cloud features set – from live chat to searching the knowledge base and more – makes it the world’s #1 customer service solution. Service Cloud is now offered by comways as fully integrated solution to any channel used by end customers to deliver support they need, faster and smarter.

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise is a global company, constantly improving the communications and networking technologies. ALE provides full set of intuitive applications enabling to increase users productivity whatever the context.

Leader in unified customer interaction solutions (uCI). Altitude Software delivers worldwide a robust, modular solution that unifies all channels throughout the organization in an open, platform-independent way that enables companies to handle all customer interactions.

European multimedia contact center provider. Collab anticipated the technological revolution in preparation for the next generation IP Contact Centers with 100% SIP based solutions, without any PBX.

With its innovative approach for application integration on the workstation, Contextor facilitate the agent work and improve customer experience. Changes are applied rapidly without any dependency on IT development processes, allowing the business to adapt its commercial and service strategies without any limitations.

Leader in the Data integration and Business analytics. Pentaho provides unified comprehensive platform, including dashboards, reports, data visualization, discovery and predictive analytics that helps the business to make faster and better decisions.

Specialized in helping contact centres of all sizes to implement Quality Improvement program. Qualtrak provides high standard agent evaluation methods that can be adapted to the dynamic needs of the business and the agent profile.