October 16, 2018

Good implementation of Bots

Once business transactions move into what is called conversational commerce, all business activities currently managed by an exchange of static forms and transactional interactions will shift into conversational processes mode.

As more and more businesses accept the idea of Bots, we increasingly see the adoption of this concept in customer relations management at various touchpoints. Bots are already being used with success to carry out numerous tasks, such as ordering, booking, support or FAQ. Without a doubt, Bots can significantly improve customer experience and contribute added value to the brand.

However, it is important to remember that a truly proper implementation of Bots must NOT aim to replace human agents; instead, Bots should be utilized in a complementary manner, which facilitates customer service and makes conversations easier. Thus implemented, Bots will become a natural extension of customer relations for any modern business.

The rise of Bots’ role represents a huge opportunity for platform builders, opening the door for startups to help businesses by creating conversational applications.

A long list of potential advantages and applications has been predicted for Bots, meaning the business model is open-ended has a staggering potential. Implementation excellence in regard to Bots deployment is key. Bots, especially those powered by Artificial Intelligence, represent great opportunities and challenges for integrators, who are expected to master innovative solutions and ensure their integration maximizes customer experience.

This evolution makes Bots players especially attractive for businesses going digital. To keep up with these trendy directions, Comways has already built a connector for Microsoft Bot Framework and IBM Watson. This connector facilitates conversations between the most popular CRM and CTI platforms and any digital customer touchpoint, leveraging on smart Bots fueled by advanced Artificial Intelligence.

With a more than 80% of automated interactions between brands and customers predicted in the coming years , the questions of what role Bots might play, and in which service and/or commercial context they can be used become very relevant.

Many Bots applications already exist in several areas such as paying bills, ordering a taxi, going to movie, getting food delivered, booking an appointment, verifying the nearest location, tracking daily fitness, receiving promotion notifications, best fit advice, forgotten passwords, blocked credit cards and many others such applications.

Businesses are mainly focusing on the following categories:

Leads Qualification

It’s not always easy to qualify a lead in an efficient manner. Bots can ask customers questions to figure out what products are best suited for them and then transfer the options to a sales rep to complete the selling cycle. This process both saves significant time and increases productivity.

Advise and Sell

With digital presence, customers may leverage and interact with your Bots, which will offer them the available services/products that best suit their specific needs. This reduces dependency on sales team availability and increases selling time to 24*7 (e.g.: H&M, Airbnb, Uber…).


Processing payments automatically and safely becomes the market standard and its implementation becomes a must-have commodity.


Analyzing customers’ questions and learning about their areas of interest helps marketing professionals generate better content and organize promotions accordingly. As the Bots log every customer’s input/selection, it becomes easier to trace, identify and predict trends.


As Bots can memorize customers’ preferences, it will become easier to personalize future conversations.


Bots can take FAQ, track orders/case status, address a complaint, manage escalations, etc.

Bots offer multiple opportunities and enable new ways to interact with the world, enhancing most customer touchpoints and going beyond the currently known customer service KPIs and investment cost calculations.
Organizations embarking onto the digital seas ought to consider that, very soon, Bots will become increasingly more helpful and effective in many ways. In turn, customers will quickly become accustomed to the advantages provided by these 24*7services. However, human agents will always be needed for “complex” conversations and enhanced customer service excellence, and any reduction of labor will occur gradually.

The article was compiled by the comways’ editorial team for the benefit and free use of the contact center community.