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Service Cloud - Boost Efficiency

Empower agents on the path to customer success with smarter, faster service tools.

The combinations of a Salesforce integrator who also holds Contact Center expertise is unique and uncommon – that is comways. We are a specialist in this combination, we have strategic alliances in the Salesforce ecosystem to address this growing market demand. As a certified partner of Salesforce, with focus in Service Cloud, comways enables organizations using Salesforce to maximize their Contact Center performance and their customer experience in a full Omnichannel mode. The setup of a true omnichannel Contact Center in Salesforce may be achieved by a natively imbedded CTI solution or via connectors to existing solutions. For both cases comways bring much experience that results efficient service and enhanced experiences.

comways is a formally registered and certified partner of Salesforce, specializing in the deployment of contact center solutions. With Service Cloud our clients can support their customers everywhere to keep the conversation flowing. In addition, you will be able to automate service processes, streamline workflows and find key articles, topics and experts to support your agents. The purpose Service Cloud is to foster one-to-one relationships with every customer, across multiple channels and on any device.

Maximize Agent Productivity: Put all of the information your agents need to deliver fast service all in one place. Knowledge, subject matter experts, and customer profiles are all at the agent’s fingertips. Your customer service team is empowered to answer customer questions correctly the first time, anticipate customer needs, and deliver world-class customer service solutions every time.

Superior Customer Experience: Customers can expect the same smart, fast, personalized service regardless of the channel they use to reach out. Cases from every channel come into the agent console; where, agents can view a customer’s profile, purchasing history, and account information all in one place. Customers don’t have to repeat themselves and agents can anticipate their needs.

Case Management: Gain on the unique blueprint as deployed by comways in so-many projects for leading organization and put under control any customer request so that it could be handled in the most efficient way, regardless of its channel. “Listen” and respond to customers across variety of social platforms and automatically route cases to the appropriate agent.

Omnichannel - Maximize Consistency

comways make it fast and easy to deploy an Omnichannel Customer Experience.  Our implementations rely on best-of-breed solutions that can be deployed either in Cloud and/or On-Premise modes. Solutions that enable intelligent routing and management of interactions in real-time of any channel including Calls, Emails, Chats, WhatsApp, SMS, Social Posts, Webforms and others. The combined focus on performance, customer experience and compliancy makes our solutions fully integrated to an organization’s environment to secure a flowing customer journey. Features such as like click-to-call, auto dialing, call recording, intelligent omni channel routing, customer feedback management are standard in our solutions

comways Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy to improve your customer experience.  Omnichannel is an integrated way of thinking about your customers’ relationships with your organization. Rather than working in silos, communication channels are designed to cooperate and build a coherent, evolving, cross-channel experience.  

At its core, Omnichannel is defined as a compressive approach that provides the customer with an integrated and consistent service experience. The customer can be supported online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, and the experience would be seamless.

The Omnichannel experience is what most businesses invest in today. The key challenge for those organization is to ensure that the deployment of the related components is done in a way that provide seamless and fluent conversations across the different channels, avoiding the silo effect.

An Omnichannel experience accounts for each platform and device a customer will use to interact with the company, including the website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter. That knowledge is then used to deliver the customer an integrated experience. Companies using this technique align their messaging, goals, objectives, and design across each channel and device.

Your customers will value the ability to be in constant contact with your company through multiple avenues at his preference, and comways can facilitate that for you. comways already deployed Omnichannel solutions in healthcare, government, financial services, retail and telecommunications industries, and includes channels such as physical locations, FAQ webpages, social media, live web chats, mobile applications and telephone communication.

Chatbots - Drive Automation

The use of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence in customer service is becoming a key driver to reduce costs, extend service hours, free agents to deal with added-value transactions, and most importantly meet customers preference to be self-served, via their smartphone or tablet.  comways has proven experience in the deployment of Chatbots that can, not only interact autonomously with the end-customer, but also involve a human agent in the conversations whenever an intervention is needed. comways Bot is securely integrated to the business-systems of an organization to satisfy requests, such as: order information, case status, financial information, password reset or any other suitable transactions in self-service mode. comways Bots are fully controlled by the organization to optimize the dialogue based on smart statistics and machine learning mechanisms.  

comways uses bots that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people. Intelligent bots transforms every facet of the contact center and dramatically improve the customer experience. Comways is committed to using this transformative technology to help our clients succeed

Chatbots are turning to be a key component in the digital transformation of contact centers. The Chatbot uses sophisticated natural language processing systems, to pull a reply with the most matching keywords, or the most similar wording pattern, from your database.  By using chatbots you will improve customer experience and increase the efficiency of your agents. comways’ chatbots are designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner but also ensure that any point in the conversation a human agent could take the lead on completing or facilitating the transition.