December 18, 2018

CTI Partners for the digital voyage

In the face of increasing end-customer engagement digitalization, leading cloud providers offer compelling advantages to businesses.

Much has been said about the agility, seamless connectivity, and smart analytics of cloud solutions, which provide direct and added values in the digital evolution of organizations, but let us not forget this important tip by Steve Jobs.

With this high focus on customer experience, real-time communication with customers at every touchpoint will soon become a prerequisite for doing business. Such digital transformations are complex and require specific expertise. 

The implementation of omni-channel communication relies on advanced technologies, which require solid methodology and experience in these specific areas of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and digital conversations’ connectors. Mastering the customer journey aspects and its impact on customer experience is the heart of successful integration and an art in and of itself.

Connecting the dots in this multi-dimensional digital experience matrix is essential in gaining a competitive advantage – one that can really make a difference.   

A CTI integrator can make a huge difference in transforming strategies into action, converting dynamic business directions from the drawing board stage      into realistic tactical solutions that work. Considering the fact that Professional Services can be the costliest component in a project’s deployment, careful attention must be given to the selection process when it comes to choosing your CTI integrator. In the end, it is the role of the CTI experts to get your project done efficiently and effectively – with the expected time-to-market and TCO.

Most digital platform integrators, such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, SAP and others, are seeking CTI expertise. 


For over 10 years, Comways has been working side by side with leading digital platforms’ system integrators to create synergies and maximize the end client’s value proposition. Such partnerships are based on a clear RACI and a collaborative spirit, which drives success by resources-sharing and the provision of innovative solutions, above and beyond the accepted standards:

• The end client receives the most advanced and powerful solutions with reduced  time/operational/budget deviation risks

• Digital platform integrators remain focused on their core roles  

• CTI experts focus on touchpoint connectivity aspects


Following are some common traits shared by great B2B partnerships, and which  are core elements of our  philosophy of collaboration: 

• Transparency and integrity are crucial

• Risks and opportunities are considered equally and fairly under any partnership model 

• Success evaluation is based on scorecard qualitative and quantitative KPIs

• Common governance for mitigating any project risks/issueComways specializes in CTI and contact center solutions, with more than 10 years of collaborative experience with industry leaders. We are committed to integrating  excellence, innovation and professionalism in order to, together, achieve end customer satisfaction.