April 06, 2019

Contact centre: pros and cons of choosing consultancy for upgrading your technologies

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: all contact centres are different.  Some of them have wonderful internal technologies together with skilled and trained human resources, while other ones prefer to avoid the burden of handling the technology internally…

And many others are somewhere in-between.

Still stating the obvious: these companies do not have the same needs. Whereas consultancy will be a key-resource in the second case, contact centres with advanced internal resources may only need occasional help on very specific subjects, pushing consultancy agencies to cultivate a cutting edge expertise on technologies as well as practices, in order to be good enough to help…

Let’s find below what are the pros and cons of consultancy for everyone.

Meet the Challenge of the Design and Vendor Selection Process

For customers who wish to upgrade their Contact Centre performance by means of technologies, or for customers who chose to outsource their technical resources, a consulting agency may take the lead of the design and vendor selection process. Why is that a very nice “pro”? Because design and vendor selection are key to future performance. And in a complex and fast-changing world, making the right choice is a challenge. So, when decision-makers have doubts and lack the internal resources who could help them to sort out this impactful choice, then it could be a good idea to hand over this responsibility to a group of experts.

How should the consulting agency help with this?

By taking over:

  • Business Case Validation
  • RFP
  • Requirements Definitions
  • Benchmarking and Vendors Evaluation
  • Solutions Design
  • KPIs Definitions

Depending on the internal structure and needs of the call centre, the consulting agency can (and should) also assist in:

  • Project Management
  • Project Implementation
  • Training
  • Performance Management

Thus, relieving decision-makers as well as technical teams from seriously time-consuming processes, and empowering them with knowledge and confidence.

Avoid the Burden of Handling the Technology

Managed Cloud Services are for call centres who do not have internal technical resources or prefer not to invest in internal technology. For these customers, a good consulting agency should be able to build a unique multitenant platform which complies with the highest norms and exigencies of “High-Availability” and “Service Continuity” based on state-of-the-art technology.


  • Multisite Operations
  • Multichannel Contacts Management
  • Home Agents
  • Voice Portals
  • Self-Services
  • Overflow

Make sure that all you need to do is to connect to the platform without any long terms commitments and whenever you feel ready to manage by yourself, just disconnect.

Stay Ahead thanks to Advanced Training Programs

Through their multiple experiences with a diversity of businesses, together with close relationships with technological officers, consulting agencies can develop an operational expertise that is hard to copy for internal decision-makers, who need to master as well their business’ specificities and internal processes. For this reason, call centres may be interested in taking advantage of the training programs developed by specialized consultants. With the expertise and tools delivered, it is easier for internal teams to take control on all of the aspects of the project implementation.

Specific trainings have been designed for managers as well as for technical teams, depending on their level of knowledge. Thus, this service can address all types of customers who wish to keep full control on the process of their contact centre upgrade.

For example, COMWAYS Consulting offers trainings on:

  • RFP Tool Kit
  • Solution Design Guideline
  • Project Governance Methodology
  • Performance Measurements Implementation

Discover more @ https://comways.eu/

Do Not Pay for Services that You Do Not Need

The main “con” of consultancy, is having businesses pay a high price for services that they could handle nicely internally. For this reason, equipped call centres should beware of inappropriate “packs” of solutions. All services shall be tailored to customers’ specificities.

Enjoy Technology and Operations Expertise

…when you need them. This would be our conclusion: consulting agencies can obviously bring advanced expertise to call centres – especially when they specialize in contact centers – thanks to their in-depth works and diverse experiences but should always adapt to the needs of their customers and be honest about their capabilities.

If you’d like to question our experts, please send your request @ better.contacts@comways.eu or call 991.65.9872663